'Carbon and the Climate: Implications for Rural Land Use' The First Andrew Raven Trust Annual Weekend


Ardtornish House, Morvern

On the weekend of June 8-10 2007, a gathering was held at Ardtornish in Morvern on the west coast of Scotland to commemorate the life and work of Andrew Raven, the inspirational environmentalist and land manager who died tragically young in 2005. For many years Andrew had worked tirelessly to bring about social, environmental and economic change in rural Scotland. This weekend was conceived as a way of continuing that work, in a way that was in tune with his own vital and inspiring example, taking his central concern with the policies and practicalities of land use, particularly in Scotland, and considering them in the light of the great modern challenge of global warming.

Full report

The full scribing of the weekend and its debates is available online. Many thanks to all for their participation.