Cookie and Privacy Policy

This page explains the information this site records of your visit, and why you need to provide your email address when completing the contact form or posting a comment on a blog post.


We record traffic to using the Google Analytics service. Google Analytics sets a cookie on your browser when you first visit the site. If you post a comment on the site's Blog you are given the option to allow the system to remember your details for future comments. Cookies set by the site are called ''.

We also use the ShareThis service to give you the option of posting the site's pages and posts to social networking services. ShareThis sets two cookies called '' and '' - please see the ShareThis Privacy Policy. You can disable ShareThis cookies by clicking the 'Do not track' link that appears in the bottom right corner of the ShareThis popup window that displays when you click a social networking icon. Or follow the cookie blocking steps outlined below.

You can block cookies from this and all websites using your browser's user settings. If you are not sure how please use your browser's 'help' function to find out. Or you can visit, which explains how you can delete and control all cookies set by your browser. Please see Safeguarding your data on the Google Analytics website for details of Google's policy regarding the privacy and security of the Analytics service.

Email addresses

The site asks for your email address in two places. The enquiry form on the Contact page requires a valid email address so we can reply to your message. The comments form enabled on most of the blog entries requires a valid email address to help us manage comments. We promise not to use submitted email addresses for any purpose other than responding to enquiries and managing blog post comments.

Please do contact us with any questions about any aspects of our Privacy and Cookies Policy.