About The Andrew Raven Trust

Poet Thomas A Clark addressing attendees at our 2011 annual weekend
A bridge constructed during the 2011 annual weekend

The Andrew Raven Trust is a Scottish charity working to help the communities of Scotland, in particular rural communities, following the principles of sustainable development.

This purpose includes exploring through discussion and example what might constitute effective:

The Trust recognises the changing and challenging times for all, including rural communities, in the early 21st century and in particular the challenges highlighted through understanding of the carbon and climate change debate.

The Trust also recognises and aims to support the role of heritage, arts and culture in shaping sustainable rural communities.

Annual weekend

The work of the Trust to date has focused on the establishment and development of an annual weekend, at Ardtornish House, each June to explore with a group of 30 to 40 invited, peer group recommended rural policy makers, community leaders, rural commentators, specialist scientists and artists a specific theme in relation to sustainable rural development.

You can view details of the Community Energy Weekend 2021 and enjoy a 360 degree tour of the house.

Please see the Annual Weekend section for full reports and photos of all our weekends to date. Details of the Trust's next weekend will be added here when the theme and dates have been confirmed.

Planning for the future

The Andrew Raven Trust is keen to develop a shared focus amongst all who live and work in or for rural Scotland on the different ways of achieving sustainable rural development. We aim to offer an open, enquiring, information sharing approach to our research and the research of others. The Trust is committed to open access for all its public events.

The Andrew Raven Trust was formally created as an OSCR approved Scottish charity in May 2008. The original name of The Andrew Raven Memorial Trust was changed to The Andrew Raven Trust in 2009.

The Andrew Raven Trust Trustees are committed to an Ethical Investment Policy. The Investment Policy is reviewed annually at the AGM.